Issue #35 LaChele Claypool 

Issue #34 The Woozie Issue



featuring Cover art by Woozie , Street art by Hoxxoh ( Douglas Hoekzema) Comics by Emiliano Zingale and New Surreal Comics , Art from Ziv Lahat , Rachel Derum , Brigid Smith , Yuki Yasuda , Maro Kentros, Eun and photography by Eden Lauren , page 8 girl Jessie Broach Fiction by Lance Manion , Larry Rapant , Poetry by John Muth , Linda M. Crate and much mas….

Issue #33 Making FacesCoverShot-33

Cover art by Suman Kaur and Toni Citelli featuring Artwork by Aimee Cozza ,Irene Raspollini, Troy Gua , Jacob Schulz, and Italian artist Emiliano Zingale Poetry by Jennifer Chester, Bradford Middleton Short stories Micheal Marrotti , Craig Stormont Comics by Tara Lucy , Taylor Dow and  fiction by Michael Larrin , Liz Kellebrew, Serafin Bogia , plus Street art  more…

Issue #32 The Hood issue


featuring Cover Art by Juan G.Hood  with Street art from Merlot , Animalitoland Poetry by Mark Terrill, Ann Teplick , Catherine Rankovic , Gothic ghetto , Fiction by  Gary J Jones Interview with Seattle artist Juan G Hood and Hanako O’Leary plus Comics by Surreal Comics Sculpture by Mike O’Day Painting by Robert Bowden Artwork by Holly Ballard Martz , Ezra Dickerson, Anthony Lopez , Jessie Link and mucho mucho mas..

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