Note to All Selves

Φ Poetry by  © Serafin Borgia Φ Art by JuLia Lee Sadowski Φ

Simmer down you -sexy mindfucks

soon the itchy parasites (will) return

to turn you back to spirits;


Soon-it all goes dark,

joy to  fugue,

the big fat god of gods  -forgotten ,

killers brooding deep &  lonely

thick In the  muck of love  gone bad.


Lucky devils shimmering between lust and plight;

Satyrs fleeing the popular revolutions.


Limbo’s grime rewriting the story this world sold us.


Mind fucks turned to lightning  and falling to slime.

The sexies distilled to pure chemical

then fusing  to color .

Angels setting  our chimeras’ boundaries;

Dark alphabets chanting lost crescendos.

Raspy vowels  sliding past the old fangs ,

summoning  the strange gods no one can teach us

how to worship

while we still share trenches

with a battered parade

of doppelgangers

& death heads

trying to score .


Their wars aren’t all we have- they’re  just  the best part of being

a good machine,  but  the worst (parts)are where It’s at.

The it that can purr you tantric

& kiss you loco.


But when the  knowing gets to be too much ,

when  you  can’t handle your own mind

anymore, can’t stay in their magic,


Look  again  ( you’ll see)  – –

It’s all a lie:

We  weren’t  born this sick .


Must be the weather

even that’s  synthetic,

but just enough to be hip ,

like a sucker’s  warm beer breath

filtered through a  pimp’s dirty beard

lit up by dead stars fucking off

right above the brainwash factory’s

neon love salutes.

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