look in to the eyes

look into the eyes of time in time
that will tale you how vital is time
every emotion of your life
need the love to reach the light
deep in the sea and high in the sky
you have to find way of life
someone has dream in heart
looking toward you to touch your like
love is with you big dream of life
it is the desire of each life
someone touch you in inside
someone feel you in the life
life is a reason to think of life
life is a dream to feel in life
every thing in your heart inside
want to touch the love in life

lost dream

a lost dream of mine
i got on the way
but mouth was shut
what to say
it was the day not the night
there was every thing bright
but it is true new
she is not mine
she was like a dream
which i found on the way
as the leaf of tree
fall and fly with the wind
and went some where
where that out of my reach

love give me

love give me time to go ahead
and every thing to do
as move to touch the sky
as think to injoy the cool wind
spend time with the dream
think about what love mean
every dream love will share
just try to inter in the dream
love is the light make every thing bright
and when you got the touch of that light
blink like star your life
love is like real sunshine
not to go above so high
think only love in life
some one bring a dream for you
with that dream you spend your life