The journey is not without a smile or teardrops,


A necessity, a walk to set free a nation in the shadows of death,


The hunger and thirsty for freedom from segregation and

racism buttressed the war for liberation,


Just merely a farm laborer crossed the boarders to train as a soldier,


As fate would be got injured during the war,


While in pain and agony saw a beautiful rose,

She bloomed, full of life; a loving smile that eased the pain,


She wore white uniform, spoke politely whilst injecting me with medicine,


We fell in love, and the rest is bed time story for tomorrow.




Home sweet home, the trumpet has blown–


Chariots on the move, to ferry a bona-fide soldier,


Decorated, with flying colors and medals,


A war hero, liberator; a fearless warrior is no more,


Fading away to a place of rest,


Farewell comrade, the struggle continue–


A great man gone too soon alas we have lost a son of the soil,


Goodbye soldier, rest in eternal peace till we meet again!



In the trenches guns ablaze,


The trumpet reaches all corners of the space;


So loud calling warriors to organize,


Loading rifle magazine, soldier carry a rucksack and off march to the war zone.



Conflict is the spark that ignites the smoke,


The wind of change sweeps away the right and wrong alike,


The flood washes away the good and bad alike,


Red cross fly like an eagle to save life.




A brick can fly faster than thy can run,


Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run the curtains can close

anywhere and anytime,


The brave, the weak all wait the same fate: either win or perish,


War times are hard memories ingrained in thy soldier and civilian heart.



Boom- boom the fire crackers explode,


In the air smoke rise overshadowing sight,


Eyes twitch, burn and hurt,


The living ones vanish far away to a hiding place.





The whistle has blown, so loud and we were called for attention:


“Comrades a truce and peace accord has been signed, we all are leaving the bushes.


We are finally going home!


Arise, arise soldier, we have defeated the enemy:


The blood of our heroes, departed comrades and people shall be cherished till we all come to pass” the Commander said.



Freedom, freedom thy heart calls for freedom,

Abound with the spirit of fortitude,

A deep search from within; the search for independence,

As water flows into the stream so do freedom calls from thy heart,

The still voice, the familiar rhythm shall forever be present,

Never stopping the pursuit, in joy and agony still thrive,

Courageous, flying high and soaring like an eagle,

Through thick and thin thy fighting with fierce resilience,

Onwards marching, onwards singing and never shaking,

Immersed with the spirit of a lion and soul of a dove,

Fighting for space, clamoring to be heard,

A voice for social justice, a voice for social change,

Crying out loud, crying for a just cause,

The enroute to freedom is a journey for all, never fret and lose heart.