WARM #34


Six dollars

& a floor,

I was the king


my own desire.

I took the roof

off the house

& then I

sold it

to the sun,

so I would

no longer have


to rule

my own house.

I squinted


the happiness

I felt.  I waited

for the rain

to come.

I shivered

when I should

shiver.  I fought

only for more


of the elements

to find me

before I slept

next to

a blank, silent

alarm clock.

I danced


through hunger.

I was consumed

this way.


WARM #35


Mindless heat, echoes

of our first epic,

I am yours.


WARM #36


The field repeats

itself.  I stood on a ladder

in the middle


of the corn

& I stretched my arms

& rotated my thickness


to the crop furthest

from the roadside.

The cars slowed down.


The people got out,

but not one of them could

hear the acceptance


I was given above

that active plot.  I was

told I could stay there


forever.  I was told

that the birds would be

willing to bury me there.