Words to Women from Wild Heaven
Inspired by “A Night With Janis Joplin”
by Mary Langer Thompson

Heck, you’re the one.
He’s the other one.
It’s all about feelings.
Be an artist.
Draw your sister’s beautiful face
while she sleeps.
Belt out songs like
wild women, all,
like you can still be
even if the Good Lord buys you
that Mercedes Benz.

Postcard from Croatia
by Mary Langer Thompson

I hope some day you’ll visit
this Baroque palace of unusual objects—
its faded prom pictures,
wedding dresses,
teddy bears and velveteen rabbits,
glass menageries,
and even handcuffs.

Do you think we could donate
Your ex-wive’s knives,
the chipped crystal wine glass,
the paper I wrote for your English 101
class on the Loves of Van Gogh,
for which, as I recall, you received an A,
or this ring I’m currently slipping off my finger?

I think I’ll step into the café
of this Museum of Broken Relationships
and pull myself together.