The Pen

Ooze out of me oh rivers of words,

The pen is indeed mightier than a thousand swords

Pour out of me oh heavy drums of wisdom,

For my heart is the lucrative orifice which treasure glitters from

Gush out of me oh waterfalls of emotion,

Intricately interwoven into mind-blowing stories of every nation

Have no boundaries oh precious poetry that I write,

With no regard for colour yellow, brown, black or white

Take every mind captive in your labyrinth of artistic fusion,

Enchant them, enthral them, intrigue them as if by an illusion

Let the mind’s eye envision every wildest dream,

Make it hot, make it cold, make it fair, make it grim

Let every golden word say a million things to somebody,

Ignite the spark-plug of memorable memories in the hearts of everybody

Make them laugh, make them cry, make them weep and make them mourn,

Leave a permanent mark in their hearts like a razor sharp thorn

Tell a story so sweet, they’ll melt like inflamed chocolate,

Whisk them off with heroic tales, which they’ll invariably imitate

Be the bedrock of my strength, the diadem of victory,

Let the story of my words be the mural of my crowning glory

Let my poetry spread like fame and fortune,

And explosively impact every life at every time opportune

When my pen marries paper, let a paradigm shift of words occur,

Revolutionizing history let the resounding victory recur

Ooze out of me oh rivers of words,

The pen is mighty, mightier than all known swords