Do not forget




Lest we forget Do not forget how we died


Or how many tears our loved ones cried


Wer not just numbers on an unknown grave


It’s your freedom we fought to save!


Black, Asian Indian or white


We all joined forces for our country to fight


Do not forget us young and old


Our story should forever be told





That day




The moment they thought they would never seeA brand new addition to their family!


He’s fighting so hard a battle to win!


So many emotions where to begin?


He’s fighting for breath he is so strong


Let’s hope he’s ok and nothing else goes wrong!


He’s survived the night and the op


Can’t believe how much fight he has got!


Our first grandchild we are so proud


We want to shout it out loud!


He has such a way to go


But we love you just so you know!





Will you notice me?




The streets are cruel they don’t notice your tearsThey just notice the model poster behind your ears!


You stay on the step with nowhere to go


People have no compassion to show


One day someone will notice me


The elderly man with nowhere to be


I had a family once upon a time


I went to war and now there no longer mine


I had some problems when I returned you see


The things I saw and did were so messy


I turned to drink and you can guess the rest


I ended up on the street with my possessions clutched to my chest


This is my story I hope you see


My hope one day someone notices me





Her face


Her face had seen a hundred years


And an unaccountable amount of tears


Yet she still lives on stronger than before


Hoping to survive another day more!





Letter home




Hi mum and hi dad!


Life out here is quite bad!


The fight for survival and struggle to live


Terrible crimes even God can’t forgive


The rape of children both girls and boys


When they should be at home safe playing with toys!


What a horrible place to be


I’m glad your at home and not with me!


Your at home safe and sound


My return to home will soon come round


The climb




Life is one big climbSo take it slow one step at a time


Sometimes you may fall or have a slight slip


But get back up and start again quick


Life is full of ups and downs


Lots of smiles and lots of frowns


But when you reach the highest peak


The rewards you get will taste so sweet.





Come sit




Come and sit and talk for a while!This was my favourite place as a child!


We used to sit here for hours and hours


Holding hands and counting flowers!


Those days wer the best of my life


When our love was at dizzying heights


Now I sit here all alone


Wishing I was with you and not on my own!


I still come here to talk to you


When in happy or wen I’m blue


So please come and sit with me on this hill


Cause here’s the only place time stands still