After Faiz.

Come, I’ve heard the surge of your drums

Come, my heart beats lasciviously

‘Africa come back’

Come, I’ve raised my face out from the dust

Come, I’ve peeled off the pellicle of sorrow from my eyes

Come, I’ve snatched away my arms from the grip of pain

Come, I’ve wrenched apart the hasp of gloom

‘Africa come back’

The shackle’s clasps have made the mace too much to bear

So I’ve fashioned a mould by ripping the strap round my neck

‘Africa come back’

The bear’s death-eyes blaze in every lair

Enemy blood has reddened the negritude of night

‘Africa come back’

The ground is pirouetting with me Africa

Rivers throbbing to the rhythm pouring out of the woods

I am Africa, your stature mirrors mine

I am you; my gait is the gait of your lions

‘Africa come back’

Come stride like your lions

‘Africa come back’