Danger on the Rocks

Osaka Castle by Ty Samurai
A Burnt Day by Merrin Jeff
A Burnt Day by Merrin Jeff

Art  by Merrin Jeff  Ö  Poetry by Tilla Sonrise

im addicted to love
that dont love me
it leaves me torn
i abuse my soul
with vain prayers of peace
even paradise refuse me sleep
my skin revolts
trying to break the bars
of each cell
its dark in this corner
this is hell
my eyes run from left to right
my heart is arrested
my lungs scream
just breathe
fight just fight
the darkness of the corners
are closing in
like 3000
Goliath armies
chanting war songs of beast
the wild dogs chase me
lions shred my soul
with iron sharpened teeth
thee eyes of the serpent
lull me to sleep
i cry for a mother who was never there
i look for a face
its draped in fear
where is this dark room
thee asylum of my mind
these padded chambers
all scream anger
there’s blood on my hands
there’s no one in the room with me
just me and the stranger
the stranger is stranger than strangers
because the stranger is me
he doesnt like his face
his black face
his eyes look cross at his nose
his thoughts chop off the width
they say it’s too wide
it’s genocide
it’s genocide
its jins inside
his thoughts
walk across the plateau of his thick lips
jumping from the cliffs
of his smile
salt burns the open pores of his face
writing from hollow tears
the hollow years
of a empty soul
chop your face off hannibal
wear your Hippocrates
you dont recognize your own face
you have become a stranger here
you are in danger here
the darkness is a reflection
of your soul
you are a stranger in your own skin
inside forever alone
so what then
write your way out of your struggle
draw away your pain
sane has abandoned your brain
like all you’ve ever loved
you are no saint
like the pictures you paint
you’re a kid afraid
to close your eyes in your coma
you have been reduced to that
which you left on the
abandoned streets of Tacoma
life is a test
and you have failed
eternal death is your diploma
i cry out Yahweh in my sleeping
wake up wake up
it’s 7:52 pm
you’re only dreaming……….

Tilla Sonrise Words are Forever


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