I Had to do What I Had to do




Street Art by Griffin One ~ Fiction By Calvin Seen

I was out of luck when I was fired from McDonalds and ran out of money for child support. I also had to pay my phone bill. I suppose I could live without a phone this month.

I had to do what I had to do. I got home and sat comfortably on my recliner. I called Aerowave and a voice spoke:

“Welcome to Aerowave. What is your pin?”

“It’s 2408785111.”

“How can I help you today”?

“I need to waive my termination fee. I keep getting disconnected and have static in my house.”

“I can send you an airwave which will give you extra reception.”

“I don’t want one. What if it doesn’t work? I don’t trust you guys. This is getting too risky. I can’t afford to miss another call.

“I assure you if you pay for it, it will work.”

“I spent top dollar for this. I will not spend any more money on something that doesn’t work. Of all places why my house?”

Let me send you to the cancelation department. I can’t disconnect a line. Please hold.”

While some elevator music was playing, I thought I got a deal from a third party dealer and the phone was free and valued worth $800 on Ebay.

“Welcome to the billing department? What is your pin number?”

“I already told the other agent. I need to waive my termination fee. It’s all logged on your computer.”

“I see in our notes that you keep getting disconnected in your house but you have coverage in your area. I can send you an airwave free of…”

“I know. I know. The other agent told me the same thing. I don’t want it.

“I’m going to let my supervisor know. They will call you back.”

“You’re going to have to talk to my supervisor to ok this cancelation.”

“Ok. Transfer me over.”

“Welcome to the cancelation department. How may I help you today?”

“I’m all setup to waive my cancelation fee and port my number over to another carrier. I followed everyone’s instructions.”

“I understand but what is your reason?”

“I told everyone already. It’s on your computer.

“One moment while I read the notes. I see you’re getting disconnected in your house. We can send you an air…”

“I don’t want it. All agents told me to disconnect and port today. I’m following all their instructions step by step.”

“I have credited you the termination fee but you must send the phone back to your third party dealer where you signed up for the plan with us or they may charge you a fee.”

“I’m going to do that now. Make sure you get this on the computer. Do you have some sort of record or id number of this conversation?”

She gave her id number, then said, “Would you like to take a survey about our customer service?”

“I’d be glad to. Go for it.”

I talked about the survey and hung up. The third party dealer required I send the phone back or they’ll charge a $250 fee. But I didn’t send the $800 phone back. I got it free as part of the deal.

I got my bill in the mail and the termination fee was waived. A few months later I never heard from the carrier or third party dealer, so I put up an auction on ebay for an $800 phone. I thought to myself I had to do what I had to do.

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