First kisses, so saccharin sweet…


The motorway steadied

Alongside us

And we sat on frayed seams

Of crumpled eyelashes.


No one’s eyes

Have ever been so out

Of their packets of Moondust

As hers under that bridge.


Then two big boys

Separated the bristling grass.


One took up his hand,

Took up a plaggy bag,

Bunched it round his gob



Nearly as big,

Took up his hand,

His whole hand

And took up the boy with the bag

And swigged.


Scattered by the eyelashes.


“This your new boyfriend?”


“You opened it?”


Kelly breathless

Smelt of late night

Ma and Da

Infused with pilsner.


She teared open

Our eyelids

And we listed off


And I could

All ways

Of Moondust

And she could

All ways

Of Moondust

And I couldn’t tell

Where she put

The Moondust

And her all kinds

Of sandpaper.


Chris Stewart has a poem forthcoming in the international annual Great Weather For MEDIA.  He plays at the Cheltenham Literary Festival in 2017.  He was long listed for the CYCLOP International Videopoetry Contest 2015.  His poems and stories appear in a variety of magazines including The Wrong Quarterly, The Atticus Review, Freak Circus and Outdoor Photography.  He’s anthologised inBreak-Out (Ek Zuban, 2013). Tweet him @SideBurnedPoet.  See his award-winning filmpoems here:

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