A Word to the People

Ethnic individuals of a darker hue need to be cognizant of the labyrinth of charlatan data regarding electoral options and/or political constituency. Fuck the obvious tsunami of a presidential campaign bestowed by the plethora of mediums under the slanted phalanges (i.e., the intel communication act of 1996), eugenics and systemic bigotry conjuncted by the homogeny known as “modern music” (in the placenta of corporate conglomerate translations of what’s optimum, or “dope”).

Intuitive asborbtion of politicals is imperative, but party allegiance is Paleolithic. Economics runs sovereign around the globe. Authentic revolt, vicariously through the neurotransmitters—putrid attempts to drown my parlance with amoebas of anachronism. Listen, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberger Group and the myriad entities benefiting from the trillion-dollar consortium of the Rothschilds run feces.

Support precocious brothers, though epidermal tone isn’t an autonomous license for being a brother. Fuck right-wingers and rhetoric-laden “liberals” who detest Bush, but don’t internalize the pulchritude of Imhotep and Alice Coltrane.

—Zaiche  Rilners1@yahoo.com

PS: Any voluptuous, exotic females of sensual liberty leave phone numbers for this author to call.

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