Adam Levon Brown“Ecocide”

Ecocide embedded deeply into our industrial capitalist society
Natives, moved into reservations, fighting for sobriety
multinational corporations dumping toxins and oil
Those that understand, their plans they try to foil
Grassroots organization the only cure for this fascist disease
Emiliano Zapata, “it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees”
Direct action, breaking windows, feeding the homeless, planting trees
The disenfranchised stand for the real movement, they hold the keys
innocent children enslaved in this cold word to make the shoes I wear
screw that stuff, don’t worry, I’ll make my own pair
clearcutting, soil depletion, mountaintop mining
It’s this harm against nature that I’m undermining
I’ll pull you out of your economic security
to show you the real world, real purity
The next generations relying on your choices
cmon people, shout out, let them hear your voices
democracy is not strict obedience to the law
It’s about critical thinking and rising against every flaw
So take some time out of your busy life
Listen to my rhyme and take a minute to think about those in strife
“White Privilege”
It’s easy to ignore systemic racism and all of its woes
It’s easy to ignore a rigged court system everybody knows
It’s easy to ignore white on black violence because it’s so ingrained
Into our media, schools and is never really explained
I find it hard to see the truth through the smoke and the lies
when a white cop kills a black kid and then denies
having any murderous tendencies or KKK ties
I find it easy to ignore because of all the glass mirrors
the hopes and dreams of a people, and especially their fears
I have white privilege, that much is crystal clear
Another black man was killed while I wrote this poem
None of you even shed a tear
“Star stuff”

Sitting on the ashes of my former self
I am a phoenix risen from the flames of self destruction
the avenger of all the mistakes I’ve made
determination is all I possess
a heart full of pain and a soul emptied
I look up to the stars and declare my independence
Nothing will hold be back from attaining my goals
desire is the fire that burns within me
My dreams are hues on the pallet of my existence
I will not endure another minute of listless survival
I will shine through the darkness like the supernova that I am
collapsing into myself again and again just to prove myself worthy
There will be no roses, no angels singing, just the sound of my voice
as I soar above the clouds and into eternal light.
“Cinematic Bloodbath”

violence in the movies
violence in the streets
Violence is everywhere
even in the sheets
of rain that fall and abuse you as you walk
Sunrays berate you as you walk and you talk
We talk about shootings like they’re an abhorrence
When we eat, sleep, and drink violence in torrents
Kids look up the modern psychopath in movies like they’re gods
Then we witness shootings
what are the odds?
The odds are pretty good as I can plainly see
violence is the main moneymaker on TV
Blame mental illness
blame the lone sod
but never blame the elites
money is our God
We work all day and then pay to see someone pretend to die on camera
Maybe if you put your money elsewhere we’d see people hammer a
few nails into the planks of sanity
Instead we pay people for their vanity
I could go on and on but I will not
Just remember you’re the one paying to see somebody get shot

Letting the darkness seep into every pore
Watching the shadows play tricks on the door
Wishing I had light but it is not meant to be
I am condemned to be in solitude, and not meant to see
My innermost desires flaring like stars in the dark night sky
Basing my entire life on this one fickle lie
this microcosm of the universe that is me shines brighter than jet black
After realizing this, there is no turning back
I sit and I wait for heaven to envelop me in its sweet golden light
While the darkness surrounds me in the immortal night
History has proven I am meant to be here in this ghastliest of ways
the light tells me that this is nothing but a phase
Fighting the shadows, I reach towards the luminescent glow
My emotions act as battle scars in this struggle against the flow
Was I meant for darkness or for light? Maybe I’m not meant to know



God or Devil?
Certainly you can speak on my level
What do you like doing?
For what in life are you pursuing?
I ask not with ulterior motive, only wonder
I ask to bring us closer, never to tear us asunder
I myself would like to journey all around the earth
Can you imagine what that kind of journey is worth?
What say you? Nothing? that’s alright
I can talk up and into the night
What say you, stars of the brightest light?
Do you see with a sight that is brighter than sight?
I do wish you’d answer me oh beautiful twilight.
and what say you, oh grandest of skies?
can you not hear my awestruck cries?
I guess it is I, and only I
who dreams dreams of Gods up high
alone I am, and have always been
for God I have not heard nor have ever seen
I, alone in my prayer for a better life
pray that you aid all those in strife
May this prayer not be in vain
Oh most lovely sky without a stain

Be still my aching, bleeding heart
The time will come now don’t fall apart
The journey is treacherous and cruel
with gusty winds and snow bitterly cool
Walk the staircase of life and you will see
Just what it means to be peaceful and free
fleeing the deserts of my tormented soul
the journey has taken its sickening toll
I look to the stars for specks of hope
In love with my grace, we will soon elope
trudging on and on through the bitter remnants of the past
This journey is agony, surely forever it cannot last
I come to a giant stone set squarely in my pathway
it’s the face of my own mother that will not go away
She reminds of my all of my past and all the wrong that I’ve done
I plea, I try to make her realize what’s done is done cannot be undone
She berates me with insults and I can take more
I Scream her name and she turns into a door
Is this the end of my arduous journey or is this the beginning?
with all my heart I pray that it’s the end, for surely my patience is thinning
As I open the door and walk into the dark, something hits my mind
A divine spark
Suddenly everything I’ve ever done becomes clear
I know now that there’s not one thing to fear
I stood there looking into a mirror
and realized that on my cheek stood one lone tear
I have conquered my past and may now move on to future goals
Self realization guiding me along the river of lost souls
“Mystic River”

The mystic river bids welcome to us all
Many will drink and many will fall
The waters are raging but the cleansing is pure
Many will risk a dip for the sacramental cure
Wash away the sins is what it will do
the river will make a person righteous and true
hatred has no place in this river
The waters are cold and will make you shiver
Shiver away the false perceptions of self
and find the truth behind the mind’s shelf
realization is what the river will give
you will feel like you finally know how to live
This river is truly a gift from above
bathe in its glory and you will as free as a dove
this river is but a metaphor for eternal love


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