Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease

Infra-red Light District Haiku
Ultra-violet (Actinic) Rays up The Wazoo

Crazy straw that broke the camel’s back
…Misrepresenting Drones for war
Pump the brakes Pinocchio when Bees attack…
We know Who Drones are for
Phat Lady’s sung…
You got Holy Magic but the devil’s gotcho’ tongue

Psycho-somatic Medicine Haiku

Character Building Virtue

Advance The Kingdom Spirit Level
Root for Love like Cannabis Seeds
Though All The World’s Software’s Pure D evil
Each Soul’s Hardwired for Good Deeds
Truth Claim Jumps easy as Sweet Potato Pi
…Get that plank outcho’ Eye

Spontaneous Cognition Haiku

Orgone Energized Naked Truth

Do Good! Don’t Worry about the wicked
Ingrates always self-destruct
Love Justice! Bury Bones of the wicked
Getcho’ Mind Right or You’re F@cked
Too Black…Too Strong…Too Sexy…Too Long
Always Right…Never Wrong Love Son

Rockers’ Prester John Coffee House Haiku
Connoisseurs’ Cup Rendezvous

Progressive Analysts’ Square Circles…
Mastery with Peaceful Pursuit
Retentive Analists Klu(less)Klux Circles
Only tell lies…kill and loot
Ideal Society…Cosmosexchaos
Pay The Cost…Be The Boss

Chromatic Scale Economies Haiku
Commerce Policy Guru

Souls are lazy as hell’s bells’
Bait and Switch technique…(straight)bottom scavenging
Frenemies always Kiss and Tell
Rhythm Got’em kicking and screaming…(weeping wailing and gnashing)
…Look at Me…Singing and Dancing Song of Songs
…(Here) Now…HeartLanguage Belongs

Just Clean Balanced Nyabinghi Haiku
Chromatic Scale: Ideal View

Oye! All Rise! Here Comes The Justest Judge
Whose Throne is The Mercy Seat
Orgasm Fire Crotch v. Fascism cold grudge
“Snatch Triumph from defeat”
That Big Phat Black Cat Gotcho’ Tongue
Or has Rahab The Phat Lady Sung

Do Yo’ Leaders loot on the down low
2013’s Their Day in Court
Orgasmic Sovereign Rights Root in Youth Who Know
Fascists only make sport
Do Yo’ Titties Droop to The Flo’
1st Tie’em in a knot…then in a bow

Hope has 2win Siblings
Bro’ Irate’s pissed-off…Sis’ Courage Just Set-it-off
What’s a matter You Earthlings
How’s neurotic chatter reduced to cough
Since Love’s non-attached to outcomes…here’s a hint
…The Jury’s in like Flynt

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