Rent a Dream



The lady in the yellow

raincoat is naked underneath,

she showed me her treasures


It was like squirting me with

lighter fluid and setting my

heart and mind ablaze


Where are you going?

Where have you been?

Will you be my rent a queen?


We don’t have to be in love,

although it might be nice, let’s

walk into the darkness until

the sun devours the shadows.


Asleep in the Canyon of Love




Intense sheer walls painted

hyacinth and saffron with

brushstrokes of scarlet sulfur


Searching for silver spoon to

make sotol and datura for sun

tea and going on a magic trip


Dangerous peacocks in a raspberry

sky, green sleeping ducks by the

cattail forest and melodic stream


Rainbow cutthroat trout leaping

for the gnat hatch, fat frogs burping,

loons and cranes on stilts hunting


Thinking about the dancer at the

Crazy Horse in Paris and how I’d

stolen her a Gauguin, she asked me

my name and I said, Scaramouche.





Beware of Po Po


Annoyed Starbuck’s customers were

trying to enjoy their morning coffee,

but a young black man fell asleep in

the sun on a park bench in their view


The man wasn’t homeless or stoned

or bothering anyone, the yuppies got

out their cell phones and complained,

instead of buying him a cup of java


Three po po cars arrived, they hit the

man with a baton, he raised his hands

to protect his head and surrender and

then they shot him fifteen times


This happened in April 2014 near Red

Arrow Park in Milwaukee, it is now

September and nobody has been charged,

sometimes taking a nap could be fatal.






All You Want To Do




My desire is growing and throbbing

and alive, I want you for my ice

cream cone, my sushi smorgasbord,

my velvet glove, my strawberry hills


I want to bury myself deep deep inside

you over and over and over, slow slow

slow honey dripping, fast fast fast jack-

hammer snake slither smooth silky soft


Quiver shiver thrill chill goose bumps,

moan groan back up and hang on, I’ll be

coming on strong and so will you, coming

with you coming on on and on together


You can’t escape from my sword of love,

my spear thrusting into your soul, we are

one, we are together forever, we can not

swallow our crazy love lust, it’s impossible.






Heroes Never Wonder



The shadow soldiers stand at

attention in the stone granite

veteran’s graveyard in the sun


I am the only one left in awe

wondering why you and not me.






The Ballad of Tucumcari



Smoofy sold a mixture he called weed,

he started with some high grade Mexican,

breaking up all the shake, tops, seeds and

stems, then he’d mix in about half catnip


He used a Mr. Coffee grinder on the stems

making them roll able, then he’d fill baggies

with shake, stems, catnip, seeds, and three tops,

his lids looked good and weighed one ounce


Smoofy was my best friend growing up, I was

making a living off the five finger discount,

there wasn’t much I hadn’t stolen, we were

quite the rip-offs, when the cops took Smoofy


My entire world collapsed, darkness smothered

the sun strangling the light from the sky, when

I visited him in Santa Fe in prison, I asked him

If he needed anything and he said, “Never trust


The candy man his treats will make your teeth

get rotten and fall out and beware of losing touch

from not touching, women that cry from one eye,

sometimes the happy ending is at the beginning.”




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