Some of my dreams (quick descriptions) 

When I was in my ones…

I had a dream.

That I was flying fast!

I reached the end of the world

And there was a bright yellow green border

Made of a spongy caulk like substance


Upon hitting it

I bounced back

And it was the end of the universe

I tried several times to cross it

But it just bounced me back


When I was in my teens…

I had a dream that I was in the supermarket

And I was talking with the friend I was with

I suddenly decided to start floating

And I did

Hard to control the float… like a newbie to it.

I pushed myself off of the shelves and no one though anything of it.


I then made some canned food float

And we laughed…


Two years ago…

I had a dream that I was in a land of trees

Trees so tall that you could not see the ground

I swung from branch to branch

As did the others

There was a special one though…

A gifted girl with short red hair

She swung from tree to tree knowing exactly which

Branch would hold without testing it first.


I then came to a tree that was so huge

I could not see around it… like a horizon

I climbed upon one of its curves

And it held a plane with a river and a waterfall on it

There was a lumberjack looking man

With a beard waiting for me

Once I made it over and stood up

He smirked and huffed one laugh

Then wanted me to follow him into the waterfall


Last year…

I dreamt that I was looking at my table

With a an empty bag of chips on it

With glasses on it

With coasters also…

Then I decided that I wanted the empty bag to move

It did… then I tried it with some paper and it did.

I moved it with my mind till it fell off the table

I had to breathe a certain way

Otherwise it would not work

I went to show my neighbor in secrecy

And asked him to please not freak out upon seeing it

He wanted to do it to

So I started to show him how…

Then I woke up.


… there are many more dreams that I remember

but you will have to ask if you want me to tell you…


Loose Ends

If a man straps a bomb to himself

And kills a few soldiers and innocent people

He is a terrorist


If a man drops bombs from a plane

And kills a few soldiers and innocent people

He is a patriot


Where are these imaginary borders

That everybody speaks of?


Pride for the land upon which you were born

Is quite a silly thing isn’t it?

Where does the land where you were born begin,

And the land where you were not born end?


Does the ocean stop it?

Or are there lines to be drawn there to?

It’s all moving around anyway isn’t it?


You see…


I’m Mexican,

That means that everything that comes to your mind,

When you hear the word Mexican… that is what I am?

Us Mexicans are nothing like the Africans or the Americans

We eat very different foods.


Besides… Africans don’t have belly buttons.

And Americans have three legs.

The Americans are not at all like the Africans

I hear the Africans don’t need to eat.


But fortunately Americans don’t need to breathe

And… we are all nothing like the Kurds.

Except for maybe the fact that all of our peoples

Bleed when they are shot


The land you live in was taken from somebody else

It is only natural that someone will take it from you


You make the land you live in the whole world

Then everywhere you stand will be your home


But that does not mean

You must make everyone the same

Because silly… we are already the same.


If a man wearing a uniform kills innocent people

Does he get the death penalty?


If you hate Palestine or Israel

If you are liberal or conservative

If you are a Capulet or a Montague

If you are a democrat or a republican…

If you voted for Pepsi instead of Coke in a blind taste test,

You’re still drinking Soda


If you are a patriot, before you are a human

Then you will kill humans before you kill Patriots

And they are nothing alike are they?



Patterns of Life


Everything in life has the same pattern. One of my favorite ways to illustrate this is by comparing a city to a heart. Since the city is a much larger organism its buffer of time takes a whole day and night to make one beat. It pumps people in at morning, and pumps them out at night. We are the nucleus of our cars. The arteries of the city are the roads and highways, with red blood cells on one side and white blood cells on the other. The police are antibiotics arresting what they identify as free radicals and housing them until they are deemed clean by the court.

Furthermore, atoms look like solar systems, computer motherboards look like cities, and cars sound like the waves of a mechanical ocean as they pass by.



The Invisible World


The technologies we use are guides and reminders of who we truly are.

I was sitting in front of my stereo and drinking a cup of coffee while listening to a faded signal of NPR. When I reached for my cup the radio signal became clear, and when I brought the cup to my lips the signal became fuzzy again. I did this a few times and in my minds eye I saw the room full of waves bending around me.

It is a mercy to not see so much with my eyes, and it is a gift to be aware of this.


If you hold a Cell phone to your ear you can hear what someone is saying. The cell phone is a tool that channels the radio waves. Since the waves are already there they could be rode upon. It indicates that you can speak to someone across the world, but not all of us have learned how to do it without the training wheels of the cell phone.


The Prophecy of One


First we walked

Then we rode a horse

Then we rode a bike

Then we rode a train

Then we broke free from the track and rode a car

Then we broke free from the ground and flew

Then we rode a telephone, soon we broke free from the phone lines and rode a wave.

Then we rode the particles on t.v.

Then we broke free from the particles and rode an internet

All to communicate with something we love.


And during all of this, the fruits on trees are round so they can roll away from its shade that they may get a little bit of sun to grow another tree.


Everything breathes

Love breathes pain and ecstasy





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