-for Toni




On a Fulbright

Warsaw 1965

She is a musician

She is nineteen

It is snowing

She takes a bus

A small apartment

Near the Vistula River

A sonata by Copeland

Szpilman at the piano

She with her violin

Bows not knowing

The man with whom

She performs

As she tells me

This story

Somewhere a screen is going dark

At the end of Polanski’s movie

And this poem is

Lapping spilled words

From the pavement of history



-Kathleen Gunton





baby in her arms

another in her womb

she chews on fear

like stale bread

thinks blood is due

welcomes freedom

                                                            car ci no ma in situ


call it sir jury

she has been given

by what has been taken


-Kathleen Gunton


                                                                                THE PATH WITH RON OFFEN: CENTO



With so much love and pride and sadness

I lie down in a clatter of broken things.

It seems to me they might have purpose

As if there’s one tomorrow left

That we secretly carry

Just down the path

I don’t know what I feel, I don’t know what to say.


You call me back from where I drift

Looking for peace.

How to enter the green cathedrals forever?

And still, and still. And still

I’m wondering is it possible

I was there?


-Kathleen Gunton

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                                                            Line 13 ~ Remembrance Of Mummies



Collection: God’s Haircut (And Other Remembered Dreams)


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