A Good Black-Sheep


They say “he’s a child of remorse”,

because he thinks before he speaks and thinks before he acts,

spitting words full of fountain of life,

for wiseness is a habit in nature.

As for humanity, inhaling is regarded bonus,

for diseases are textures of everyday life,

so respect shall be paid unto he who breathes

‘coz the past is of ancient rhetoric trainees claim to manage to crack the puzzle right.


They refer to him “as old fashioned”,

for having knowledge of pursuit

‘coz his mind is ever fresh to learn and not ignore.


They refer to him “as an alien”,

for he belongs to no religious group

‘coz he believes in unity,

for religions have hidden agendas and separates people

as he’s coward enough not to pray in public,

but knows the key to open and close the day;



They say “he’s an unwise child”,

for lending a hand to the needy,

for praying in private when sad and smiling with tears when joyous,

but he regards himself as a child of God,

for knowing and believing that if he focuses on his acts and deeds,

he will one day manage to exceed the realm of possibilities and

the sky will not be his limit, because greatness has a space for him.



Inspired by the poem: “Perfection Sucks by Lebo Mashile in her Ribbon of rhythm”


Perfection Sucks.

Should I be given another chance,

To relive a lifetime,

Rectify all my made,

Where would your humour fit?


Koketso Marishane is an arts lover from GaMarishane in South Africa. He has been published in all seven continents on earth. He is a servant leader of choice with various Arts & ICT in Education initiatives around the world, he is also among the M&G Top 200 Young South Africans 2014.

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