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I wish not to leave here now

I am not ready to take my bow

This is where I belong for the moment

I am comfortable here although I’m broken


I made a life for which I am depended

I have not fixed what’s meant for mending

Please oh please don’t take me now

I am not ready to take my bow


When the time has come for me to pass

I will depart this earth with a final gasp

As for now I worry and wait

As I anxiously realize we know not our fate



“Heavenly Hell”


If I were to die

and made it to heaven

It would not be heaven without you


So, I will wait with you by your side

sit with you, lay in bed with you

endure the greatest of tortures.


The torture of being with you and not being able

To touch you

To kiss you

To feel your warmth,

To talk with you

To grow old with you


Hell it would be!

You not knowing that I am present

and yet still better than heaven without you



Sink Holes


Weeping Willows.

Sleeping on pillows while I creep beneath the sinkholes.

Alternate realities peeped through pin holes.

Found myself beyond my mentality which was once sinful.

Now my reality is both depressed and blissful.

Clear my visual, Life is complicated but simple.

Who’s to judge who’s insane, sane or mental.

I myself am only as graceful as my pencil.

Follow my minds direction, traced through imaginary stencils.

If this life is real, who provides its credentials?

It’s evidential that it’s indeed special but apparent it’s only but a rental.

No extension offered at the end…Sentimental!

Are we merely experimental, Accidental?

The big question… Intention, Divine Intervention?

The answer is written within your minds perception.



“Fibonacci Pi”




One four

One Five Nine

Two six five three five

Spiral of life keeps us alive.

Numbers of sequence, this is my Fibonacci Pi.


“Winds upon my Pillow”

Danced the winds upon my window Music played to a different tune Shattered glass rests upon my pillow my time has come to face my doom

Panic! Sets my heart in a race  Hand on chest with my sweaty palm  Begin feeling faint and flushed in face  so hard to remain so relaxed and calm

Is this real and why happen now  God please no, for it’s not my time  Say goodbye or leave an unspoken vow  I come to realize this life is not mine

Butterflies and clear skies await  It was written but I know not my fate





Criminal instinct

Political Misfits

Subliminal wish lists given out on Christmas

Obey the Agenda

Or get put on a hit list



Poetry merged with Graffiti

Stickers Slapped

I also feed the needy

You don’t do crap,

And the rich are greedy!


What is Art?

Who’s to say?


Anything Created is Art I say!


Fuck My Poems they don’t get Published

Educated assholes say they are Rubbish.


I say fuck you and fuck me to

And quote Andre because…


“Roses really smell like boo boo”

“Apocalypse” by @Ockbud


Some think it’s strange that I’m obsessed with apocalypse

Doomsday metropolis

Title waves hit that copper chick

I’m loosing oxygen

Focus on the holiness

Mood change like foliage

Second coming virgin ovaries

War overseas

Famine and disease

The antichrist is seen

Fuck American Dreams!

There’s more hoes in the schools then there’s our on the streets

Jail, Bail, Criminal, Supreme

Politicians run free but they can’t run me

Speak for free, I got to speak freely

Media runs the T.V.

You better believe me

Just a formality

One more Pope according to Malachy

Pay less tax if you make higher salary

Gluttony, count your calories

Catch allergies

You are allergic to reality!


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