A poem-story of transformation and shiring attitudes…

A cold grey mountain sky-scape looms above as I await the kiss of sun’s caress; within my downy bag I lie cocooned to parry buzzing insects, who would feast upon my blood. “The world is so un-tame,” I say aloud, in sour mood for lack of sleep’s reprieve. Dark, desolate the sky appears, and rocks portray an air obscured by rage. But light will come, for life is not all bad. The terrors of the night will fade inside idyllic dawn--I must believe

Shifting Attitudes…Catharsis

Aha! The stone now flushes; subtle rays brush blushing rose and coral shades that soon are eloquently written on its face, announcing dawn with fulsome gladness as heart cheers, releasing sadness to the wind.



The field around me celebrates again as glistening dew drops sparkle rainbow hues that shimmer when the first bright ray of sun ascends the peak as spotlight streaks a warm corona–and this nimbus made of gold holds utmost promise from the tender sky. Majestic mountains beam with gratitude, their fearsome attitude dissolved by light. I doff my bag and rise to greet the morn as luminescence fills me from within.


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