The God-cog turns The Sun-cog shines The Moon-cog wanes The Sea-cog waves The Breeze-cog blows The Tree cog leans The Bee cogs flit The Bird cogs fly And you and I, The cogs of we, Interlock our brittle teeth And help each other Unwind.

The God-cog turns…


Better Now Than Never

My youth affords me little time.

Moment to moment

I waste away

like taciturn rock under talkative water.


The books with which

I cut my hair

will reap no fruits

when I am bald.


At least, a healthy face

i’ll have in death

When you look

in my direction.


The Narcissist



He loves me

For my own reflection

In the darkness

of his eye.





I log out, turn off

And, like a dog, learn to hold

My leash in my mouth

The Duality of Accusation/Two Nazis Complimenting Each Other


You are the Nazi

No, you are the Nazi. No,

You are the Nazi.


Paper Cups


She said he has

A personality

Closer to a paper cup

Than something earned

While counting stars

He’d scooped

From local puddles.


Generation Me


We can’t all

Be cool and different

At the same

Given time.


Either you conform

While I stay afloat

Or we both sink

In peer review.


The Present Isn’t Present At All

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes

There it goes.

There it goes.

There it goes…


It Was There Time To Go

The past walks me

Right up to my futures

Hands them each a bus ticket

And, as a matter of fact, states

“Never come back.”

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