“Points On The Space Age”

This is the music of greater transition

To the inevitable space age

The music of the past will be just as tiny in the world of the future


As earth itself is in the vast reach of outer space

Outer space is big and real and compelling

And the music which represents it must be likewise

The music of the future is already developed

But the minds of the people of earth must be prepared to accept it


The isolated earth age is finished

And all the music which represents only the past

Is for museums of the past and not for

The moving panorama of the outer spaceite program.

The Space Age cannot be avoided.


The greater future is the age of the Space Prophet,

The scientific airy-minded second man:

The prince of the power of the air.

The air is music.

The music is power.


Imagination is a magic carpet

Upon which we may soar

To distant lands and climes

And even go beyond the moon

To any planet in the sky.

If we came from nowhere here

Why can’t we go somewhere there?


I’m gonna unmask the Batman

And lookout Robin, ain’t nothing you can do.

If you don’t lookout, I’m gonna unmask you too

Can’t you see the expression of my face

I’m gonna do what the joker couldn’t do

I’m gonna unmask the Batman.


The Satellites are spinning

A better say is breaking

Great happiness is spending

The planet Earth awakening

The satellites are spinning

A better dawn is breaking

The galaxies are waiting

For planet Earth’s awakening.

We sing this song to a great tomorrow

We sing this song to abolish sorrow …


—Sun Ra, 1973


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