ants 10 commandments by Chad Swanson

Poetry by @Ockbud www.Ockbud.com

Some think it’s strange that I’m obsessed with apocalypse

Doomsday metropolis

Title waves hit that copper chick

I’m loosing oxygen

Focus on the holiness

Mood change like foliage

Second coming virgin ovaries

War overseas

Famine and disease

The antichrist is seen

Fuck American Dreams!

There’s more hoes in the schools then there’s our on the streets

Jail, Bail, Criminal, Supreme

Politicians run free but they can’t run me

Speak for free, I got to speak freely

Media runs the T.V.

You better believe me

Just a formality

One more Pope according to Malachy

Pay less tax if you make higher salary

Gluttony, count your calories

Catch allergies

You are allergic to reality!

Chad looking back on Chad by Chad Swanson
Chad looking back on Chad by Chad Swanson

See more Art from Chad Swanson (Canberra, Australia) https://artofchad.wordpress.com/





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