A Long Time Waiting

 Poetry by RasmaSandra θ  Art by Gordon Swanson

bluebirds on fence 990 (1)

Yesterday has come and gone

tomorrow is still far away

there is a long road to travel

through the dark of night

and I’m not too strong

so here I sit and wait

for the morning light

tired of the fight

for survival, for life

remembering to count my blessings

with each glowing star above

hoping that a true love will come along

before too much time has passed

remembering our love

as warm as the sun

days spent by the sea

till the summer

turned to autumn

and I watched you drift away

there seemed to be nothing

between us left to say

as the morning birds began their song

I knew the sun would rise soon

bringing with it a new day

now able to put the night aside

new hopes and new joys

for the heart to behold

somewhere down deep inside

I knew you loved me too

when finally you came along

I knew my nighttime vigils

were now over

my waiting was done

and you and I

hand in hand

walking in the sun

rainy day at salmon bay - 900p

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