Now you see it now you don't

John Grey                                 

Now you see it now you don't
Now you see it now you don’t


The cranium treasures, when they arrived, were unexpected.

After that time, knowing what I know arrived on cue

like the Mississippi outside Aunt Jessie’s New Orleans home.

Yes, there is a mind Virginia, and it works adequately, even avidly at times.

It’s not afraid to admit that it remembers a name –

of a friend, even of the 33rd president.


It can configure a television remote

or even sort out where a leaking tap went wrong.

And while other body parts are caught up in yearning,

it can conclude. Even offer a defense.

I can easily convince an ox that I know more of its story

than it can possibly know about mine.

That doesn’t make it any less an ox.

But it guarantees that I’ll never be hitched to a plow.


John Grey is an Australian born poet. Recently published in Slant, Southern California

Review and Skidrow Penthouse with work upcoming in Bryant Literary Magazine, Natural Bridge and Soundings East.

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