Aubade: A Parallel Poem

Poetry by Changming Yuan ♥ Street Art by Fumero


You might have stayed up

All night, clicking at every link

To your daydream, searching

For a soulmate in the cyberspace


You might have enjoyed an early dose

Of original sin between sleep and wake

Before packing up all your seasonal greetings

With your luggage to catch the first plane


Or sitting up in meditation

With every sensory cell

Widely open to receive

Blue dews from nirvana


But you did not. Rather, you have just

Had another long fit of insomnia and

Now in this antlike moment, you are

Imagining a lucky morning glow


That is darting along the horizon

Portrait of an artist
Portrait of an artist


yummy yummy, you have

become so hopelessly indulgent

in this juicy alphabet

you can readily get high high within your hairless skin as yellowish as the bank

of the Huanghe River

less sleek than a china crane but more fragrant than a young yucca while its pronunciation can lead you to the ultimate truth you are seeking, its shape can grow from an unknown sprout

into a huge Yggdrasil, where your soul

can perch, cawing glaringly

towards the autumn setting sun


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