♣ Poetry by Bradford Middleton ♣ Art by JNKillInfluence full 2.3

The tarantula is clawing at my ravaged mind

With the insane bop prosy & cut-ups

Mirroring the mash-up of love inspired conjecture

That is dominating my thoughts


Love is a tarantula of horrid consequences

Get bitten by either

And it’ll feel like the end

The end of love and then yr life


I’m walking towards a woman named death

She’ll sting me good & that’s the end

As my heart gets cut-up by love

One last time




It was a nightmare alley

Of hideous consequences after

Which he could never be

The same again; for down

This turning, this short-cut

Home await a group of thugs

Looking for some easy cheap

Thrills as well as anything

Else they can muster


‘Give us your money’ they menace

As finally I look up and see

Their ugly pug mugs for faces

‘I ain’t got any’ I tell them

Continuing to walk through

Their throng before I feel

A set of hands grab at my back

My coat is yanked and I fall

Back into the centre of their group


‘I told you I ain’t got anything’

‘We don’t care you fucker’ the big

One stood front and centre

Announces through force of his pile

Driver of a fist come voice

That I’m in real big trouble

I go down and cover my head

Hoping that they will soon grow

Bored of beating and kicking me




A night like any other where the people I consider friends

Turn against me, goading me, annoying me

We’ll sign him up to a gay dating website they chastise

Whilst trying to snap photos of me paparazzi style

Cut it out I tell them, what have I done to deserve this?

The insults grow more personal and are targeted well

As they know the real things that get me annoyed

Stories of girls I like preferring other men

Tales of sadness that I’ve tried to forget

So it’s clear you don’t give a fuck about me


You play a song for me by that Lily Allen

Which I’ll now take as words to express how I feel about you

They are short, concise and easily understood

Because that’s all your stupid fucking mind can take

It goes fuck you, fuck off won’t you?


It’s not as if your life is perfect, there’s the issue of your sexuality

And yet you laugh about a mutual friend obsessing about other men

Whilst you do the same with another person I know

You claim to have all this sex with young nubile women

But where is the evidence, I can barely remember seeing you even talk to a woman

You just stay in surfing the net looking for a fuck

And claim that’s the best way it can be

Sex without emotion makes it just a physical recreation

Frankly I ain’t a young man anymore and that kind of thing just bores me

Add to that we have nothing in common and I have to ask why you like hanging out with me?


Is it because you have no one else? Have you driven the rest away?

It would not surprise me if that is the case

When I first got to know you, you knew no one else

And now I can understand why so to surmise

Fuck you, fuck off will you please do.

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