Foggy Night

Poetry by Thomas Hubbard ∏ Art by Jorn van Hoorn

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Walking alone

foggy night, late,

fog parting away

from your face,

closing again behind

as you enter deeper,

steps echoing against

opaque, moist air,

palpable, rich in lungs,

cool on exposed skin,

softening, blurring borders

between this and that

until meeting another, somewhere inside the fog

somewhere inside the night,

you forget which one

you are.

La Vie

Poet Bio: Thomas Hubbard, mixedblood renegade, storyteller and writer, does spoken word performances while awaiting the revolution, the one that will likely leave most everything about the same after a little tussle.  Meanwhile, he travels turtle island and enjoys liminarity.


Artist Bio:  Jorn van Hoorn, (33) . Lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I make Poems and Art for 11 years now.

“My poems and art are a representation of the raw life. I work fast, like the wind, or even better, like a storm. I paint with my hart, without my head.
Sometimes it fails, but it’s always raw and real. “


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