Poetry by Don Beukes and Art by Casper de Vries Galaxy image

My intergalactic belly has echoes of Monet,

A melange of colours lead dead stars astray,

My infinite existence reach deep past millenia,

I absorb foreign objects in my expanding lair,

I am cosmic ripples of time,

My creator unknown, some say divine,

Driven by strange, scientific forces,

I still undergo an everchanging metamorphosis,

Extreme forces my fiery fuel, my own nemesis,

Ignited by an unknown entity,

My rage resulting in an earthly deity,

Sculping, creating, ripping, adjusting,

Tectonic shivers, my playground expanding,

I am the gurgle of raging forces,

Invisible energy catapulting me into an atomic fortress,

Schitzophrenic reactions reveal another dimension,

My life-giving force resulting in complications,

Microscopic activity, biological longevity,

Colours exploding, solid matter exfoliating,

I am omnipresent and potent,

Yet holding charge of life abound,

My rumblings result in cosmic ecstacy,

I am and forever will be,


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