Better Now Than Never

New York City Street Art

Poetry from Maxwell Reikosky

Ryan is Flying
Ryan Litchfield “owl of the century”

Better Now Than Never

My youth affords me little time.

Moment to moment I waste away

like taciturn rock under talkative water.

The books with which I cut my hair

will reap no fruits when I am bald.

At least, a healthy face i’ll have in death

When you look  in my direction.

Pioneer Square street art
Pioneer Square street art


The Narcissist

He loves me

For my own reflection

In the darkness of his eye.


New York City Street Art
New York City Street Art

I log out,

turn off

And, like a dog,

learn to hold

My leash in my mouth


The God-cog turns

The Sun-cog shines

Noicacilpitlum by Obed Rosas
Noicacilpitlum by Obed Rosas


The Moon-cog wanes

The Sea-cog waves

The Breeze-cog blows

The Tree-cog leans

The Bee-cogs flit

The Bird-cogs fly

And you and I, The cogs of we, Interlock our brittle teeth

And help each other Unwind. The God-cog turns…



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