Sleeping With Sirens in the Window

Poetry and Art by Tilla Sonrise 2 Pac

as we awaken from our slumber

i wonder the journey

of the awaken


shaken shatter

like windows we pain

in labor

we give our wombs to tombs and seek graves

in heaven

seven come eleven crap is born

like children of the corn

they here the voice of damian

but don’t heed the omen

yellowstone choking

we run on lava afraid of the water

we don’t live

we die like lynched slaves

sleep looking for zees like jays

we dive for crumbs

london street corner bums

we sag our souls in church clothes

wondering why the dope is

still on london street

crispus attucts feet

on kunta toes

we awaken and speak with samurai swords

attached to our vocal cords

fighting a war without

when jihad begins within

we stand

we fight

we kill each other

then enemy still wins

the battle is fought and won

this is no chess board

queens fly but pawns run

into liquor stores

to chase away last nights pain

its sunday so strippers

head to the temple

and pray for rain

360 degrees of knowledge for gain

when sheep die

only the shepard remembers their nameS

like lions we roar but eat with broken teeth

dressing up for the party is not faith

and faith is only the beginning of belief

like thomas we believe after we see the blood

we ham because we believe after

we survive the flood

death comes daily

for the rich and the poor

the crips and the blood

the black and the white

the husband and the wife

even kids die when bombs drop

SO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!


like nursing babes we cry for wombs

we’ve been living in the last days

since the beginning

so when will we realize the words

i come like a thief in the night

means at any moment

death can come for you

like lake of fire water running

your life is useless if you have not love

serpent or dove

even blind men can sense the wolf coming

sirens in the window

police at the door

if you aint gonna pray

then what are you fasting for

if you don’t believe in God then why do you care

and if you’re gonna live in sin

satan don’t answer prayer

when we awake we must open our eyes

quit fighting each other

cause everyday another soldier dies

for london street trying to stack wall street

you betta find the light or

listen to donkeys on paul’s street

because they take delight in our struggle

trying to wiggle from ourselves

make sure your word is truth

cause when you die

thats all you have left



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