save your son before it’s too late.

Psychedelic Nature
Psychedelic Nature
Psychedelic Nature

Why are you looking at him that way?

Is it because he’s gay?

What? Did he offend you?

Because honestly, his sexuality has nothing to do with you.

So you think he’s abnormal

You think he’s imbalanced and is going through something briefly hormonal?

Well guess what, you’re wrong and that is not the case

He is going through no such temporary phase

If he likes a certain gender, it’s his business

He’s not asking for your opinion, so stop throwing it at his face

Criticising his heart’s desire will give you nothing but his hatred

But looking at your mindset I’d say, you very well deserve it

Who gave you the power to impose rules on people’s preferences?

Stop with all your judgements, stop with all these false inferences.

Stop corrupting your child’s mind by telling him who he must choose

He may be yours but his orientation deserves the freedom to run loose

Do you really want to be the person who makes him insecure?

You’re indirectly telling him that he has a disease that he needs to cure

Stop spreading fear through his veins by claiming that it’s wrong to be gay

It’s disgusting how you could have such a thing to say

Your sickening mind set prevents him from accepting who he really is

It causes him to indulge in self harm, a period which disturbingly for him, is bliss

If you don’t act soon enough, you’ll be a contributing factor to suicide rates

Open up your eyes and see that it’s not wrong to be gay, save your son before it’s too late

© Ragini Gupta FromMyMindToMyFingers,



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