Mia Fire ! by Tony H.
Mia Fire ! by Tony H.
Mia Fire ! by Tony H.


Hey blind bulldog
With seeing-eye Chihuahuas
Hey you daughters with fathers
Oceans apart
Go unite
Hey you five years gypsified
Go settle down
Put your feet up
Sip a morphine & juice
Hey meat cutters not yet
Schooled in veal & lamb
Pick me a loin
I’ll cook it for dinner
Hey silicone menopaused
Neighbor kicking pills
I know
I know
Hey sons without fathers
Take your million sorries
And forgetaboutit
They’re gone
You’re absolved
Hey children of all parents
We turn into them
It’s the evitable
You can try to avoid
But can’t
Hey me trying to be you
It’s the many fictions past
It’s the wrong idols
Hey hearts
Have you been stomped trampled
Been broken crushed
Unfriended and unlovered
You’re one of plenty
A fish thrown back to the sea
Hey typists hey scribblers
Hey hacks and doggerellas
There’s no more page to ink
So keep going
Hey homeless hey sheltered
Foreclosed and evicted
What can I say
Save me shorts
Bust me down
Save me your stories
And spare a smoke
I won’t tell you
Or anyone how to live
But I can tell you how
To survive
I’ll tell you
Between those two verbs
There’s a lifetime of difference.

 – ©2012 Michel Fuseau




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