The mystery of how to start a company

We know what we know.

non fiction by Gary Jones                                                                             A quick dispatch from an artistic entrepreneurial escapade  

  Being an artistic entrepreneur is bit like being a private detective trying to solve a case-

“The mystery of how to start a company.” You spend a lot of time looking for clues as to what moves to make, doing research, talking to people and dealing with governmental and non-governmental agencies in your search for funding and info.

 Artistic entrepreneurs use their intellect, tools and raw materials to create original products and like the product, the business structure is new as well.

 Many think that the main hindrance for start-up companies is a lack of loot, of course that’s a major part of it, but in a sense, the main obstacle is understanding.  Funding is like gas to an automobile, but you still have to build the ride.

Dealing with different agencies in terms of seeking funds requires persistence and patience. Your red-tape detanglers better be spectacular and watch out for undercover discouragement agents who seem to specialize in saying no.

Some folk also just want you to join their organization for the monthly membership fee they’ll get out of you, remember you are bringing something to the table as well, so if you do join a group, make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

  Banks and loans, there’re a whole other case, thread carefully and whatever cash you do mange to source, spend wisely, and put aside for tools, sharpening skills and futuretime. Also never underestimate the importance of packaging and promo, they are as important as the product itself, so budget for that too.

Humility and minimalism are two good words to remember on any journey especially the entrepreneurial one, because you may have to lean on others as you strive to figure things out; it’s easy to become overwhelmed but stay focused on what you can do in the NOW, and chip away.

Other tactics which assist a budding entrepreneur include reading, not only biz books but also books on self-development and team building skills. Sitting quietly, thinking, planning and writing things down is also a good habit to get into. Remember patterns like beginning-middle and ending, and strive for minimal effort maximum results.

          Shhh, don’t say too much to too many. People have a way of blasting you with fear and doubt masked as advice so seek wise counsel and learn to trust self, ‘cause nobody knows your full 360 better than you.

Ironically, entrepreneurship exposes just how much we do have to work with others. It doesn’t matter if you are a sleek and speedy getaway car, if you’re stuck in traffic, you won’t get far. It’s a team sport, and although many often forget, a team is made up of individuals. 


 There is a lot of evidence which proves that people will steal your ideas but don’t be skittish, embrace the idea factory that you are and whatever you do, don’t let them steal you.


    by Gary Jerome Jones

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  1. What you say is true. The hardest part of starting up something new is the challenge of getting motivated. The saying goes ” …..if you wake up when the alarm clock goes off you will probably be good at business, if the first thing you do is hit the snooze button in the morning then maybe you are not going to be good at running a business yourself.” Thanks for the words of wisdom. I LOVE SECTION 8 MAGAZINE….; )

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