Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease

Beyond the Mind's Eye by Nunio Barbara

 Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease

 by Basic Black Eagle

When the Moon is in The 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars then Peace will Guide The Plants and Love will Steer The Stars or The Dark Rift! Behold!

Seamless Garment Life Preserving Haiku
Sex-affirmative World View

… Astro-physicist said
…Troy Davis Wields Justice like Black Magic Wand
Light Beckons Ahead…
Let Purpose Imbedded in Our Nature Respond
As Love Commands…Be Sheep among Wolves
Wise as Serpents…Harmless as Doves…

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  1. Happy New Year Dear Friends! Thanks for Sharing My Poems! Lovin’ You! Bless UP! 1!

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    Ark’s Ngoma Lungundu
    Sobriety Test!
    You can’t Reach God without 1st Understanding Sex
    Truth Serves Everyone Best!
    1 in Half a Trillion Sperm and Egg Complex
    Good Character…Essence of Beauty
    Noblese Obliges…Sacred Duty
    Love, Joy, Peace and Elbow Grease by Basic Black Eagle

    The Lemba: Israelites in Zimbabwe
    Very interesting story.

  2. Hi!

    I really love the phrase “Love, joy, peace and elbow grease”. I’ll be using it a lot, also in italian (“Amore, gioia, pace e olio di gomito”), so I thought I’d let you know…

    Bye, and have a nice day!

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