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“In my works, a mysterious and fantastic visual experience is presented. I have been discovered the new art presentation of space narrative and explores the relationship among the women, nature, and mythology.” -Yidan Xie

Who are you ? Where are you from?

I am Yidan Xie, a young multimedia artist from China, Now, I am living in United State. As a multimedia artist, I mainly focus on Dynamic Imaging. My works are various including video, animation, illustration, Sound, and Visual Design. In my works, a mysterious and fantastic visual experience is presented. I have been discovered the new art presentation of space narrative and explores the relationship among the women, nature, and mythology.


Can you tell us about your latest project?

My latest project is an independent and experimental animation named “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”. The inspiration comes from the Chinese ancient book “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, a compilation of mythic geography and myth. This work is very different with most of the animation, I try and discover many new forms basing on the interesting concept of Eastern Painting into this animation. This animation is not very dynamic, it looks like a moving imaging even moving illustration work. Probably it will look a little bit wired but also peaceful and fantastic.


What message do you want people to receive from your artwork?

I hope the viewer can found my discovery for the new form of the art medium through my artwork, instead of affected by the Eastern visual anthesis merely. For a long time, I discuss the space relationship between image and sound. This point is also tried in my latest work. In “The Classic of Mountains and Seas”, the black space is left consciously in order to develop the space by the sound. For me, Sound is not only the background music but also a narrative tool to filling the black space as the angle of hearing. I think the sound does not always cater to the image, it also can develop the space and narrative independently, which the image will not be shown.

Do you remember your first creative work, the moment you knew that you where an artist?

I think when I create the video work “Floating”, that the moment I knew I am the artist. Even if as my first video work, Floating is not perfect for me, but during the creation, I gradually know that as an artist, what I should consider carefully. In this video, color and light in Impressionist’s paintings are very attractive to me, especially Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s portraits, which are my favorite. I learned from impressionism to apply the light and color in my video work. Meanwhile, I was in a class learning experimental theater and contemporary dancing. I practiced knowledge learned from that class, and applied graphic and closed framing mode and camera angle overhead to create a scenic effect. For me,  trying to combine so much art element including traditional or modern into my first video art is a big challenge for me. Meanwhile, thought this experience, I know I can do that as an artist in the next creation.



Who are your favorite artist and inspirations?

Gustav Klimt, he definitely is my favorite artist.  He was an Austrian symbolist painter. My work is affected by his work very much. Colorful, mysterious, fantastic and symbolic, those keywords are often described his work. I am so infatuated to the visual representation, therefore, the similar feeling is also showed in my work. Although my works have strong Eastern aesthetics visually, which is hard to connect with the Europian painting in the 18 century, the Gustav Klimt’s work indeed give me inspiration in the mental impression.


What tools do you use to create?

Very much. When I do the art, at the beginning I will not consider the technique problem and just focus on my concept. Then I will list the technique I need to use or learn. I am familiar with Adobe Suite software from dynamics like AE and PR and still like PS and AI, from visual and audio like Au. Besides that, the software like Davinci Resolve, Ableton Live, or Cinema 4D is also be utilized to support my idea. I have been keeping learning the technique because it not only can make me freer when I create but also can develop my thinking about art medium.


Where can we hear more of your art, what other places has your work been published?

If you are interested in my art, you can go to my online portfolio:

All of my work could be reviewed including some project for the business. But the business works are added the “Business” tag for distinguishing the artwork.


What do you hear yourself doing in 20 years?

I will continue to devote myself to create and push my thinking which is discussed and research all the time in the field of art. Besides the personal creation, I hope I can join the project with the big theme of ecology, peace, policy or human. I hope as an artist I can do something which is good for the world we are living.


If you could work on a creative project with anyone in the world from any period in time who

would it be?

As I mentioned, as an artist,  I hope I can do something which is good for the world we are living. If I have the chance, I will cooperate with other artist or organization to do a project about the animal. I hope this project could be present the concept of Animism as a more interesting and acceptable art form like the video game or VR game to reminder people to be kind to the other life on the world.



Any last words you would like to say to the Section 8 Magazine readers worldwide?

Section 8 Magazine is a startup art magazine, it provides many chances of showing work for many young artists like me. If you are the artist, submit your artwork to Section 8 Magazine without hesitation. If you are not an artist just a person who love art, become the artist and submit your artwork to Section 8 Magazine!

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