Outside the Universe of Sapphire

Poetry by Yuan Hongri (Translated by Manu Mangattu) Art by Brigid Smithraymond

Outside the Universe of Sapphire

Don’t you think the key is sweet

If it condenses into a diamond in solitude

And its song unlocks the portals to unseen gold?

You have discovered a new paradise!

Have the eyes of the juvenile once again

You have boarded the platinum ship

And the giants welcome you.

Set off! Outside the universe of sapphire

Explore the Kingdom of the Souls!!window



让冬去冬  直至春的金靴归来

我的灵魂  乘坐诸神的龙车



那儿人人是王  词语如上帝


你会忘了曾经的世界  忘了岁月


Sweet Interstellar Above


The Time has come to blossom and flourish

In my garden the stars will gather

Each star is a singer

From a mysterious country.



The giant from the City of Platinum

Shall bring a bunch of stone-necklace

This then is a song of the soul

On the stylish sweet interstellar above.




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QQ图片20151102215907 (2)YuanHongri was born in 1962 in  China, folk poet,philosopher , specializing in the creation,University degree, Representative works include poem 《Platinum City》,《Gold City》,《Golden Paradise 》、《Gold Sun》、《Golden Giant》. My view on poetry:Fairy, Buddha, God all is the respected name  of the soul .

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