Art by William Shenewolf ♣ Poetry by Brenton Booth

300x300 (3)

Hang me with

the angels

while the ice

cream cones dance

on the tightrope

the raindrops mumble

in Spanish

the bulls gallop on the

pineapple moon

hang me with

the angels

while the tap drowns

the sink

the guitar string reads

Fathers and Sons

the photograph no

longer reminds me

of myself

hang me with

the angels

while the telephones

murder the trees

the naked leaves

fly to Brazil

the pocket screams

out for more

hang me with

the angels

while the poets punch

the screens

the chimneys recite


the water eats the


hang me with

the angels

and give me another


as I walk to

the edge

hoping to find



than death

this time.

Bio: Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. Poetry and fiction of his has appeared in over 150 publications and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His book ‘ Punching the Teeth from the Sky’ is available from Epic Rites Press. To read more of his work visit brentonbooth.weebly.com

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