Poetry merged with Graffiti

Merlot Beetlejuice
Merlot Beetlejuice

Poetry merged with Graffiti

Stickers Slapped

I also feed the needy

You don’t do crap,

And the rich are greedy!


What is Art?

Who’s to say?


Anything Created is Art I say!


Fuck My Poems they don’t get Published

Educated assholes say they are Rubbish.


I say fuck you and fuck me to

And quote Andre because…


“Roses really smell like boo boo”


“Heavenly Hell”


If I were to die

and made it to heaven

It would not be heaven without you


So, I will wait with you by your side

sit with you, lay in bed with you

endure the greatest of tortures.


The torture of being with you and not being able

To touch you

Tacoma Street art
Tacoma Street art

To kiss you

To feel your warmth,

To talk with you

To grow old with you


Hell it would be!

You not knowing that I am present

and yet still better than heaven without you

– poetry by @Ockbud

Bart art U-district Seattle
Bart art U-district Seattle





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