The chair laughs

Art by Mieko Hara     Poetry by Maxwell Reikosky 3

You sit, and spin

And look for something

You can’t remember

You wish was there.


Clock stalls on the desk computer.


The water tastes like mercury.10


Cigarette burns your hand.


The uniform goes unwashed.


Your co-worker says

“I have a present for you.”

You turn, you see

A dead ant preserved in scotch tape.




Walk around

With your head down.

Your shoes are

Mirrors, so stare

And be comforted

That you can

Always buy

A new you.



7The last bits

I jump from

The tip of the

Mountain top

And as I fall

I think,

I breathe.


What a curious thing

It is to live.


A Hip Time and Place


Mottled bricks and

Natural wood grain.


Mason jar hang over

Hung up in the attic

With the Blues Brothers

On a Wednesday.

You send your friends


They wish

They were there.


Mieko Hara (Japan)



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