Poetry by AG Davis


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Some solid ago, at his feeling changed warping warbler times of conjugate, and the functionality is sign bewildered antipodes to fringe bellow harmony. Alabaster dark noise for all heavenly jar hiss. I blurry nothing antipodal greed, finally brought to justice. I am poor and danger. Willfully blood lucre flat stones on this mask, fair flight asp hinder, my mind quickly match-thrice the bones of fortitude. Do you have something to say? Or, dead earthquake hit coasting by lime perforated, and intrude this? I gently retire, promenade poison in folklore ankles rectify. Because they, stolen horizontal cortisone, and cortisone narrowing RNA manufacturing, to plead my smile with the dawn grazing as words. Stationary frills, post-malarkey, false questions to destroy my ornamental prior to wooden nomenclature. Repeat my reel prevents anesthesia at Nth plane, bile, dedication, vaporous value plods defeat. The beverage platform to deviate taboo meal assistance, gangrene-apple beaten bill-tone deactivates erasure. My inflamed pins, awkward split tongue torque, compared err gone the bee goes wildly. If we thirst, our turnkey climbs banging around the wreck, and slakes momentary missiles. Journals accuse crusting sour horoscopes that suss these manners, this temple. In other words, the father symbol oratorio flight comb cocks in her well-tucked reservoirs: I airport anemia, your careens hit to cordially disrupt bewitchment.

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