On Hearing

→ Photography  Aparna Mendu ↔ Poetics  JD DeHart ←
On hearing of the death
of two famous actors
I found myself muttering their
On hearing of the sudden
change in temperature, I rejected
the option to switch back my
On hearing about the results
of the recent lottery drawing
and election, I sunk into
Now I’m a hot sweaty mess
and I’ve forgotten my own voice
and ladle out depression like soup.
It might be said
I’m angry at the universe
but this one is directed
at the big-haired girl who
creates complications
Who is as charming
as bare feet, Pringles,
watching old Springer
episodes with a mid-
90’s grunge mix tape
blaring at the trailer
park for what she calls
shits and giggles
For the absurd proposition
and the winking eye
that acts like it knows
more than it does.
Poem 3
It’s sometimes odd
poem three that editors
adopt like a red-headed
It’s the one I didn’t have
much confidence in
the one I kind of plugged in
because I was playing with
an idea
or just needed a third poem
“We would like to accept”
the letter goes, and I think,
really?  The little bastard I
just plopped in?  That guy?
You want him?
Okay, then.  Don’t try
to send him back later.
Take your sloppy
agenda and shove it.
I’m not a pillar of salt
and I don’t care about
your big cars, your
windbreakers, your easy
smile, your celebrity
waves.  I don’t care about
how your voice rings
in a megaphone and it
doesn’t feel like enough.
These changes are real
People are the world get
hurt because of your
demagogue behaviors.
If you want me to practice
the love of your god,
you have to show it first.
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