Roses In Bloom

Photography by Kutay GÜLAYDIN Poetry by Adam Brown



 Nineteen and Eighty Four


Strained to see the world

In a constant state of Molotov

Cocktail-like explosive hatred


The bell tolls for those who listen

And those who hear will fall into

Line after line without thinking twice


Murder of the masses streaks

Blonde on black sniper precision

At the heart of peace and all that is good


Mortuaries and weapons contractors

Are cashing in while the simple farmer

Is left to wonder if the year will be his last


When war becomes a necessity and water

Is looked at as a commodity, it is time

For the swiftest change we can possibly accommodate.

Spot Healing Brush

Roses In Bloom


When a rose becomes mislabeled

And is stocked by its barcode


It loses its name and becomes

Just another flower in the chaotic


garden of consumerism. A Rose doesn’t

realize Its full potential due to store clerks who


Fail to see eminence of its beauty.

The rose is kept pristine for several days,


While people pass it by, perhaps smelling

It several times before leaving it on the shelf


When a rose becomes disheveled, it is

Thrown away to the Trash


heap that has become our Earth.

Without learning of its true worth,


It succumbs to outside opinion

And therefore thinks of itself


As just another piece of refuse.

When will we appreciate women?


Circus of the Damned


Step right up

The show is about to begin


Take off your hat

And watch the rippled pity sin


Don’t fret when

The dancers tell you the blunt truth


Don’t hide when

The lions devour your youth


This is it

The time for you and I to start


It is time

To crush your molded, little heart


This is it

America with glitz and glee


This is it

America, now pay your fee


Parasitic Values






This is the logic of only two things;

Capitalism and parasites.



The water is full of toxins,

You’ll have to purchase ours


The food is full of imperfections,

You’ll have to purchase ours


The shelter is illegal and unfit,

You’ll have to purchase ours


The belief system is savage,

You’ll have to purchase ours


Your God doesn’t exist,

You’ll have to purchase ours.






This is the logic of only two things;

Capitalism and parasites.


Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is owner of Madness Muse Press; a micro-press that publishes dark poetry, and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. Adam2He has over 100 poems published in 9 different countries. He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal, Corvus Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Adam can be contacted via his website at where he offers free poetry resources. Also see his press at

Adam has one chapbook out titled, “These Streets Don’t Cry For Us” which can be found on Amazon. He attends Lane Community College and will soon attend the University of Oregon as an English Major/Creative Writing Minor

_DSC8396“Close your eyes”

Photography by Kutay GÜLAYDIN @jimkutay

Model is Adele  Vasilieva @adele_rv signed at model division Madrid @modeldivisionspain

Make up and styling by Belia Conde Aguilera @condeaguilera

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