Why I’m Racist


I hate that I have to choose sides
I hate that I have to justify and explain why

when no team wanted me anyway
left looking from the sidelines

I say black lives matter
I say all lives matter

as I act like nothing matters
so what really is it that matters


and it’s not just
the color of my skin

it’s also my culture
and my so called religion

this is the sad ass truth
I am killing myself

whether from a gun, drugs
or the voting booth


being told what to think
accept and believe

swallowing false cures
for my social disease

and it’s not just me
I’m destroying
the planet too

killing the environment
all its beautiful inhabitants

the future
I never knew


and if I allow this continue
with no shame, then who

who is at fault
I’m the one to blame

so yes I am racist
against my human race

I think mankind is awful
and needs to be replaced


Photos taken at: AltonSterling- March For Justice


Poetry and Photos by GothicGhetto


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