Sad Songs

Us by Damian D. Williams

Poetry by: Tilla Sonrise  Art / Video by Damian D. Williams 

Us by Damian D. Williams
Us by Damian D. Williams


I drew you a picture

its a cried river

drawn from the arrows of

cupids quiver

i shake

at the time it takes

for my fingers to dry my lids

wondering what i did

to live like this

i sit by the river

watching the sun go down

on midnight trains to georgia

i travel to motown

crying the tears of clowns

on benches in the park

i sit in the dark

searching my soul

looking for my heart

traveling down lonely roads

i run in the rain

trying to hide the pain

of this loss i’ve gained

rewinding love song refrains

like “i can’t change”

i sky dive from the curb

afraid to fall down

then i jump into the clouds

and wonder if i’ll drown

cyanide bullets but i don’t have a gun

sitting on railroad tracks

waiting for trains to come

tears triggered by shopping mall crones

can’t go to certain places

because they remind me of you

in my lonely sleep i wonder if you miss me too

wrote you a song and then i

forgot the notes

resorted to googling yahoo sad song picture quotes

sitting on windows seals

watching cars drive by

i see those in love laughing

then i remember us

then i pray for 82

and i long for the bus

so i can ride down to fifth avenue

and kick it with malcolm in harlem

and watch billie sing “nobody’s business” with betsy

go to sleep seek peace

but living wont let me

so i cry for you in dark corners

as if i could hide my face

in the middle of railroad tracks

trying to catch a ride

to the river i cried

and drew it in a picture

to give to you

cause without love

there is no life

just me

my music

my poetry

my pen

my pad

my hope in Christ

for the next life

sad songs

“True Love last always because it’s from the heart”

Dedicated to My Pakalana with a special happy valentines day !

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