Sky of tender blue

 haiku by Angel Edwards   Λ   Art by Janko de Beer


Sky of tender blue

Tiny clouds ride your still waves

pleasures April day


April haiku

  1. April 13 2015


Angora white moon

reclines on the sky of blue velvet

full figured round

goddess of the night


AE sep 6



Cardinal in Snow. Haiku


Cardinal in snow

Watched from my sister’s window

Red wings in the white



March 23 2014


Can I Wish My Love haiku


Can I wish my love

Spirit riding a prayer

Message,comfort him


Angel Edwards

March 17 2014

Haiku #6


Tendrils of sorrow

hang suspended

veiled in pain

cocoon the iced cold



Angel Edwards,a member of SOCAN, BMI and VMA owns a small music publishing company.A dozen of her songs are published by Saddlestone Publishing.She currently performs as a solo acoustic electric singer songwriter guitarist.

Her poems are included in two international poetry anthologies “Mind Paintings” and “Between Earth and Sky” from Silver Bow Publishing

Her poem “Morning Flight” was published in The Long Islander Newspaper in “Walt’s Corner” April 23 2015.

Her poetry was published in several issues of RCLAS ezine

Four poems and the short story “Mira and Elroy” were published June 2015 by The Screech Owl Magazine

The Tale of Mira and Elroy was published by vancouverweekly in Feb 2013

Her poem The Amethyst was published June 18 by doveslines love stories


Janko de Beer A South African artist and practicing advocate of law based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Over the years, Janko has participated in many group exhibitions and had his first solo exhibition, a depiction of the juxtapositions in South African society, in 2010.

Janko’s current work is inspired by the natural shapes and textures of dried-out Bull Kelp stems collected from various beaches around South Africa. His sculptures are a unique mastery of motion, form and texture influenced by the precepts of contemporary futurism in sculpting.


11137984_960982820578832_528377068_nThe sculptures are constructed by first creating a metal armature, which is shrouded in dry bull kelp stems, bulbs and fins, whereafter details and depth are added using non-drying modelling clay. The final product is then cast into limited editions of bronze and RPS resin.


Janko’s sculptures are not only visually stimulating, bold and dramatic but also convey the history of the medium with strong individual characters and a subtle touch of surrealism

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