sorry but we’re all out of the blues today

Poetry by Cailean Jack ♥ Art by Holly Martz


fit those fingers

between the fret

master string puller

with your daddy shades on

denying the years

how the spotlight shines

on your bald spot

pushing out notes like loose change

to a hooker

pot belly hidden

behind newly-purchased guitar

so shiny and dustfree

unlike your soul


Blue collar blues

fuck if I didn’t

gamble the mortgage money away

I know about toxic debt

I’m drank from the bottle of self-destruction

lost the cork

and vomited on the bar

kicked away my stool

my woman

my friends

damn a real man only needs two bits

and a bourbon

i’ll stand up myself

none of your sorrows thank you very much

the trees will be comfortable

under the moon tonight



One a.m. means nothing

nothing meaningful happens

once the moon is high

and the patrons are out

admiring the stars

wondering how they can get

to be so bright too

daddy never bought me a rocketship

just a pocket full of shit promises

at bedtime

which he forgot about the next day

while my dreams were left to hang

on the hopes of the next astronaut

that failed to breathe


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