Sweet Release

Poetry by Sarah Marsh   Art by Anne-Marie Zanetti

The Sunnies
The Sunnies



I could appreciate the sweetness of his words, and the thoughtfulness of his actions.

But it was his darker attributes that captivated me the most.

They set fire to my imagination and ignited my body in a way nothing else ever had.

His dominance stripped me of every shred of my self-control; remaking me into someone I hadn’t even known had been waiting inside.

Releasing the thoughts and needs that had been buried so deep.

Leaving nothing but a ravenous desire to drop to my knees and submit in every way he would ask of me.




Darling Girl

One day I hope you will wake up to be.

Instead of being what you think they should see.


Never hide the gifts that make you special in an effort to fit in,

For any world where the cost to live is conformity is not a place you will find your happiness.

Existence is not enough; it’s a coward’s wasted opportunity.


Without finding true joy and purpose, you may as well be a character in someone else’s story.

Be brave enough to be the woman you are.


You shouldn’t have hoped that one would see who you are.

They only see what you show them. Thank the Gods for that.

The different don’t belong.

You don’t belong.


You wouldn’t be able to control your hunger.

You’d lose yourself.

They’d judge.

You’d regret.


Regret is such an awful pain, it follows so closely.

It’s always nipping at your heels, tempting you to kick at it so it can justify the bite.

Can’t it just leave you to your loneliness for a moment?

Has pain no respect for pain?


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