The Book of Instances

Art by John Smither  ∝ Poems by Dr.Sam Vaseghi

Night Cedar Study
Night Cedar Study

With ‘doubt’,

one is born

from the first



with ‘faith’

Thus doubt thy faith.

Skookum 8

The very substance

of all human beings


‘longing for belonging’.


Never ever underestimate

its power.

blackberry #8


mirrors our

imperfect longing

for artificial perfectness.


Thus righteousness

is always questionable.


The intention

to do ‘good’

can be falsified,

if the intuition

to do ‘good’


Night Blackberry
Night Blackberry



Sam Vaseghi was born 1967 in Teheran, living his early childhood in

Skookum #3

Teheran and Stuttgart (Germany). 1973 he returned with his parents to Iran, where he lived until 1983. In this time he experienced the late dictatorship period of the Shah, the revolution 1979 and the first years of the Iran-Iraq war. 1983 he returned to Germany and completed his studies in Stuttgart.

In the years after 1992, during several stays in Paris, Buenos Aires, and Montreal he began to intensify his literary work in Farsi, Spanish, English, and German. Grown up and later exiled with different languages, Sam Vaseghi writes genuinely multi-lingual poetry (not translated in pieces from an original mono-language).

1998 he travelled for the last time to Iran, left immediately thereafter the country under risk and returned consciously to the German and later Swedish exile. Since then Sam Vaseghi is an active member of the Iranian Writer’s Association (in Exile) and the Iranian PEN Center (in Exile).



From John Smither

“My concerns lie more with the capturing of a feeling of time and place rather than an accurate physical rendering. I take fairly simple subjects and inject them with a visual rhythm and emotional interpretation. Season, place, time of day, and visceral experience all come into play. I intentionally give hooks of the recognizable which allow the viewer to be drawn in and participate with their own feelings and experiences of the subject. Since graduate school, my subjects have changed from chaotic frenzied beasts, to crumbling urban scenes, pure plant forms and finally the integration of the unseen but felt fauna of the environment. All of these have the thread of a similar treatment.”

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